Black Moon Publishing

Located in the French Quarter and offering a complete line of

occult books, supplies, and artifacts available for on-line purchase.


A group of practitioners devoted to the manifestation of the

Double Wanded God-dess. The energies available are

the Double Currents of Horus and Maat.


Offering alternative lodging for the bohemian traveler.

Our home is an historically restored Creole cottage in the

traditional Arts & Crafts style. Our interior design is purely

unique. Located just minutes by car from the heart of

New Orleans, the French Quarter, and just 3 blocks away from

the buslines.


The Voodoo Museum is a casual and curious experience intended

to preserve the legacy of New Orleans' Voodoo history and culture

while educating and entertaining the visitor.


An occult book and supply shop located in the French Quarter of

New Orleans. Offering books, custom made magickal oils,

incense, charms, talismans, and ritual tools.


A Cultural Center and Collection that is a practitioner owned and

operated establishment since 1996. Located in the historic New

Orleans French Quarter, on the quiet and picturesque rue Dumaine.


Established in 1990 by Priestess Miriam and Priest Oswan Chamani.

It is the only "formally" established Spiritual Temple

with a focus on traditional West African spiritual and herbal

healing practices currently existing in New Orleans.


Website devoted to the many aspects of Azrael, the Angel of Death.

Featuring truly amazing  art, books, artifacts, and more, many

of which are available for purchase 0n-line.




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